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Not long ago, my family was rescued by a few amazing people – home healthcare workers, nurses, a savvy eldercare case manager, even a generous manicurist.

They are the inspiration for this place, which is for people who take care of other people's parents – and for those of us who need them.

A Win for Caregivers and Families

My father, who with help, aged where he wanted to.
My father, who with help, aged where he wanted to.

Finally, the new rules are in and caregivers will be paid minimum wage–at least until the next legal fight.

Just recently, a District of Columbia Appellate Court upheld a decision by the Department of Labor that home care workers employed by third-party providers, whether public, non-profit or for-profit, are covered under federal wage and overtime rules. Maybe our long, economic limbo is over.

And with minimum wage we may see a number of other wins for caregivers and the families they help. Read more

Singing Past the Pain of Alzheimer’s

Lots of science tell us that music holds a special place in our minds and memories. But sometimes it takes a stunning experience to really know this.

I saw it with my restless, panicked mother. In the middle stages of Alzheimer’s, she would turn on PBS’s retrospective of Big Band music and wallow in its familiarity. Exuberant, she’d drag us all into the family room to share it, as she sang words we thought were long forgotten.

And I saw it with my caregiving client Faith. Her days were typically spent watching nonsensical TV–cooking shows, discussion shows, Homer Pyle, The Flying Nun, Patty Duke. She’d zone out, fall asleep, wake to eat.

Then I brought music. Read more